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See full summary » Many people consider this the series finale of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, as the special follows the same format with George Lowe back as Space Ghost, but instead of interviewing celebrities, he interviews characters from other shows.

See more » This is one of the funniest un-expected things I've ever seen on Adult swim ever.

31 — where Mendelson will be one of three legends honored with the Winsor Mc Cay Award for his career contribution to animation. I had done a show on Willie Mays — my first big network special — and a month later, I was reading a comic strip about Charlie Brown.

I looked [Peanuts creator] Charles Schulz up in the phone book — he lived in Sebastopol, Calif., at the time and was listed!

” Before he can even respond, Andre screams “IT’S VELCRO TIME,” and Rogen is forced to don a velcro suit and jump onto a velcro wall.

A recent season three episode found an exasperated Seth Rogen attempting to promote something only to be asked by Andre if he thinks “Woody Allen should get Chinese castrated so he stops jerkin’ off his ex-kids?

The BDRS comedy talk show podcast gets serious at times. This podcast show gets political, talks religion, takes on corruptions, and will most likely not ever be politically correct.

2017 NFL Preseason Predictions Podcast Big Daddy sits down with his cousin Max and talks NFL football (Pre season) and outlooks on the 2017 NFL season.

The season two finale found Andre telling Buress that he’s too busy to do the show, forcing the co-host to play previous episodes over top of each other, creating a total mind-fucking mess that was unlike anything ever seen on TV.

The guests on the show range from the completely illegitimate (e.g.

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I said I would like to do a documentary about him, but he wasn't interested.

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