C2c chat mobile online

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C2c chat mobile online

Addressing unique consumption needs, Shopo targets the micro, small and individual sellers – with limited inventory or business outreach.

Shopo has used a mobile-based social commerce interface to provide a digital identity for these sellers, while using chat as a medium of information exchange.

Currently less than 1% of the SMBs in India have online presence, and Shopo is trying to address this opportunity by creating a platform which is very easy and convenient for the shop owners to set up their shop, online.

That’s the genesis of Shopo, and the platform now enables any seller to create a shop online within a minute.

Other lifestyle recreational features include “Games”, “Sticker Gallery”, and convenient friend-adding services such as “Shake” and “People Nearby”.

Continuously evolving around users' needs, Weixin/We Chat also offers enterprises “Official Accounts” to create original consumer experiences through its open platform and extended services such as Weixin/We Chat Pay for a truly mobile digital lifestyle.

QQ also introduces CM Show, which delivers tailor-made interactive experience for youngsters, in addition to comics, literature and game.

But one company is fighting back by coating the windows of some carriages with a hi-tech film that blocks phone signals.It is the scourge of public transport - you settle into your seat hoping for a relaxing journey and someone beside you starts a loud and animated mobile phone conversation.Some train companies have introduced 'quiet' carriages in an attempt to give passengers a break from the racket.The platform integrates instant messaging and social entertainment, bringing about a mobile digital lifestyle on an easy to use app.Users get to engage in real-time communications via free text and multimedia messages, make video calls or share photos on their “Moments”.

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If you compare Internet penetration data from the U. It wasn’t until Web 2.0, around 2007, that Thailand started to see Internet adoption take off rapidly, significantly contributing to the growth of national GDP and ecommerce.