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Toward Emancipatory Parent Engagement in the Context of Home-School Relations.

Now it's gone to release, the organisation has added Android and Mac versions.3.2The Australian University Cyberbullying Research Alliance drew attention to the need for a clear definition that would assist international and Australian researchers.[1] The Australian Council for Educational Research noted that it is ‘very hard’ to define cyber-bullying.[2] If you ever, as I do, ask young people to talk about cyberbullying they go, ‘What?I have never been cyberbullied.’ If you ask, ‘Have you ever had rumours spread about you? ’ They go, ‘Oh yes.’ I say, ‘Under this definition that would be considered bullying behaviour.’ We have much to learn from them and they have much to learn from us.[3]The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute stated that research into cyber-bullying in Australia was limited by two important factors: ‘the use of inconsistent definitions and the lack of longitudinal data’ on the factors influencing it.[4] 3.4The Alannah and Madeline Foundation noted that there was little agreement about use of the term.A one off communication would not usually be considered cyber bullying.The only exception would be messages containing death threats or indication of serious intended harm.[5]any cyber-communication or publication posted or sent by a minor online, by instant message, e-mail, website, diary site, online profile, interactive game, handled device, cell phone, game device, digital camera or video, webcam or use of any interactive device that is intended to frighten, embarrass, hurt, set up, cause harm to, extort or otherwise target another minor.[6]Even if it was seen simply as ‘bullying’, students described and appeared to understand cyber-bullying as a set of discrete behaviours such as ignoring or excluding, threatening, rumours and bullying, carried through mobile phones via text messages, pictures sent, phone calls, email, chat rooms, social networking, games, blogs or through websites.[7] While there is no doubt Cyber Bullying is a real issue an accurate prevalence is hard to measure due to the vague definition of bullying in student based studies.

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As Bit Torrent explains here, Bleep lets users sign up with e-mail or mobile numbers, or in an incognito mode with no personally identifiable information.