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Dating a Scorpio man is a real challenge, as Scorpio men are very unpredictable.A Scorpio man is one of the most mysterious and misunderstood man of all the zodiac signs.Besides, a Scorpio is rancorous and they tend to take revenge and never take a step back from their decision. Both a Scorpio woman and a Scorpio man are excellent in the bedroom.They love experimenting and do anything to bring their partners tons of pleasure.This is a complicated relationship between two strong personalities with an incredible sex drive.Leo is a passionate lover, warm, always in search for action and they can be quite casual when it comes to their sexual encounters.They are complicated, demanding, assertive, independent and selfish at times, but their good traits cover all the bad ones.While we shouldn’t lie to anyone, stay honest with a Scorpio regardless of the situation.

When they are in a sexual relationship, it can be difficult to set all of the aggression aside.

Scorpio is sex itself, and the depth of emotion that goes with it in its purest form.

When they get together, they could have real trouble finding middle ground between their personalities.

A Scorpio man, with a strange mixture of practicality and emotionality, is one of the most magnetic personalities in the Zodiac.

He is passionate about his career, life, any hobby, religion and intimacy.

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Since Scorpio is a Water sign, it is connected to our deepest, darkest ability to love.

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