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Scams like this only spread because of human’s natural curiousity and desire to watch a sleazy celebrity sex video.

If you were fooled into participating in this scam make sure that any remnants of it have been removed from your newsfeed, and delete any messages or events you may have inadvertently shared with your friends That way at least you are no longer spreading it with your online chums.

A video showing three teenage boys and one girl engaging in sexual acts, which has been shared widely by middle school students on Facebook and Snapchat, has been called one of the worst ever cases of sexual abuse in Denmark by Save the Children Abusive and insulting Radio24svy reports that North Zealand Police have fined two men identified as sharing the video, charging them with the distribution of child pornography seeing as the girl in the video is under the age of 18.

Cases on the rise Jonas Ravn, a project manager at Center for Digital Pædagogik, has seen an increase in the number of such videos being shared without the consent of participants – but he believes this case is one of the worst he’s even seen.

She told police that when her phone was returned, she noticed that her email had been accessed and an X-rated video was emailed to an address she was not familiar with.

There is controversy brewing on Facebook regarding screenshot images from a sex video that were posted online to a Facebook group that contained more than 14,000 men.It is unclear how Sanchez-Ramos maintained his employment at T-Mobile following the felony conviction.At one point, the man is seen smiling and waving to the camera as he continues to engage in the sex act. The video was posted on Facebook over the weekend with the caption: ‘At Wisconsin State Fair. Kids are here.’ Fellow fair-goers were not impresses and it quickly got the attention of police. ” We’re here for a horse show, a dog show — not to make babies.’ Robert Beasley and Desiree Anderson, both 28, have been arrested and taken into custody. The last 24 hours in Malta saw social media run rampant with references to a video that has been making the rounds.The video reportedly shows a Maltapost employee (wearing her uniform) performing oral sex on a man (who's reportedly a fellow employee) in a car.

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Be on your guard if you see any of your Facebook friends post a message about an alleged Rihanna sex video: A number of Naked Security readers tipped me off to the messages that were appearing across the social network in the form of event invitations.

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