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Ugly artwork, dimly lit homes, and inadequate storage are also undesirable.Men and women alike may have shied away from the F-word in the past, but today singles report that feminism has changed the dating game in a good way, according to a recent survey.Or maybe it’s the strange smell, your date’s parents waiting in the wings, or the pet mouse running on its wheel that makes you want to flee. We asked over 2,000 people to ’fess up about the biggest dating deal breakers in the home.Can true love conquer all – or are decorating pet peeves, cruddy cleaning habits, or unruly animals too much to handle?

All any of us really wants is someone who will cook us crock-pot dinners and have biweekly sex with us as we slowly give up on bathing.Nearly ¾ (72%) of singles over 50 say they're open to finding love in the future.Men are hopeful: Men are more hopeful about finding love than are women (76% vs. They are also looking for romantic companionship more than women over 50 (19% vs. Dating drought: Singles over 50 are looking for love but nearly half of them haven't been on a date in over 5 years (46%) and over half of 50 singles say their last relationship was over 5 years ago (56%).So, to save some money, might we suggest holding off on dating until it goes on sale again next cuffing season?/PRNewswire/ -- Our Time, the largest dating community for singles aged 50 and over, today released findings from its new survey, It's Still On: Dating After 50, which explores how this diverse, rapidly-growing singles group views love, dating and sex in today's modern dating landscape.

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